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What is Search Engine Marketing & How it Works

With the advancement in the marketing landscape and the emergence of Digital Marketing, a constant question about what is Search Engine Marketing is revolving around various advertisers and marketers.

We have come up with this post to answer this very particular question about what is Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) aids businesses to gain market online by purchasing Ads on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. The SEM practices revolve around the promotion of websites in SERPs to optimize the brand presence and conversions.

SEM utilizes paid and unpaid advertising means to optimize the promotion of online businesses, and we especially created this What is Search Engine Marketing Guide to help you understand how both ‘paid & unpaid means’ work under the umbrella term Search Engine Marketing.

Eighty-five percent of retailers surveyed said search marketing (including paid and SEO) was the most effective customer acquisition tactic.

Without any further ado, I will take you through below given five steps that will guide you know What is Search Engine Marketing and how it works in 5 Simple Steps. So let us directly delve into those-

5 Steps To Understand Search Engine Marketing

1. What Is Search Engine Marketing | Definition

According to Search Engine Land,

“Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts.”

SEM encompasses SEO & Paid Advertising in which SEO is the practices of earning traffic through unpaid or free listings while Paid Advertising is buying traffic through paid search listings.

Paid search ads help marketers get more web traffic via desktop or mobile web search.

What is Search Engine Marketing

2. Know The Synonyms & Acronyms Related To SEM

Next thing to know while learning what is Search Engine Marketing is, to be clear about different synonyms and acronyms related to SEM, as this may create many perplexities for the beginners.

Actually, at the very beginning of Search Marketing the term ‘SEM’ was an umbrella term for Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Activities, but over the time, SEM solely refers to paid search.

3. Learn How To Get Organic & Inorganic Traffic Via Unpaid SEM

The reason why I thought to write this ‘What is Search Engine Marketing Guide’ is to clear the confusion about different layers incorporated under Search Marketing. We started this article by giving a glimpse of Unpaid and Paid SEM, and now the time has come to clear the air about this.

Earning traffic via unpaid or free search listings comes under Search Engine Optimization methods. The unpaid SEM i.e. SEO can also be further divided into two separate categories-

  1. Organic SEO
  2. Inorganic SEO

4. Learn How To Earn Traffic Via Paid SEM i.e. PPC

PPC or Paid Search Engine Marketing assist you to implement an Online Advertising System that drives online traffic to your websites and for that, you need to pay a certain price to the publisher when your PPC ad is clicked.

Different entities incorporated in PPC advertising are-

What is Search Engine Marketing

5. Know Steps Involved In Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing

Steps involved in SEM

Knowing the steps involved in Paid Search Engine Marketing is last but one of the most important points of any ‘What is Search Engine Marketing Guide’.

To run an SEM campaign, below given seven steps play an important role, so let us dig into those-

(I) Define An Effective Search Marketing Strategy

(II) Select Right Keywords For Your SEM Campaign

(III) Optimize The Content Of Your Website

(IV) Submit Your Site For Indexing

(V) Add Quality Links To Your Website

(VI) Manage Paid Search Advertise To Optimize Your SEM Practices

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