SEO CopyWriting

The Most Common Myths!

 Seo copywriting has a bad name, and there is a good reason for this: years of barely literate content, spat out for a couple of dollars an article, have formed an understandably bad impression of the practice. Poor-quality work has, in part, been influenced by unreliable and short-sighted SEO advice that focused on gaming the search […]

SEO CopyWriting

What is a SEO Copywriter

A SEO copywriter creates all your digital marketing materials.  For me personally, and probably for the market in general, here’s the most common types of work a SEO copywriter performs: Website copywriting/pages Blog articles Press releases Social media posts White papers Case studies Special reports What are the Benefits of Hiring a SEO Copywriter? SEO […]

SEO CopyWriting


When it comes to SEO, on-page content is one of the most important factors for ranking well. Blue Corona offers an affordable, turnkey solution for adding quality content (service pages, news, blog posts, white papers, etc.) to your website to improve your SEO and outrank your competitors. Want Better Website Copy? Trust Content Writing Services […]

Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing & How it Works

With the advancement in the marketing landscape and the emergence of Digital Marketing, a constant question about what is Search Engine Marketing is revolving around various advertisers and marketers. We have come up with this post to answer this very particular question about what is Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) aids businesses to […]

Search Engine Marketing

Types of Keyword Intent That Impact Search Marketing

Keywords are the language of search engine optimization, search engine advertising, and even search on a retailer’s own website. So the better an online store’s managers and marketers understand the intent behind a shopper’s keyword query, the better that store can respond. Some search engine marketing firms — WordStream and Moz are examples — describe […]

Link Building

What is Link Building

Link-building can boast a positive impact on your overall search ranking, as well as increase website traffic and brand awareness. In this lesson, you’ll learn more about link-building and some types of links that are useful. Strengthening Your Chain Do you remember the childhood playground game Red Rover? Children would form a chain by grasping […]